Theophilus London performed live at The Hoxton (presented by Embrace) on Sunday September 9th 2012. I’ve seen Theophilus once before opening for Santigold a few months back at the Koolhaus. The setting was a lot different, a whole lot smaller but more intimate. The crowd was chill and with TIFF happening everyone seemed to be quite excited for drinks being served until 4am.

What were your expectations for the show? 

I have to be honest on this question… With the venue a lot smaller and more intimate, I was expecting quite a bit. More emotion, louder and personal. I was hoping for some oldies but goodies and also some of his new stuff.

What did you think of the openers?

The DJ before the Sixth letter was dope. He was dropping tons of new music and all heavy hitters. The Sixth Letter was definitely different. I didn’t know to much about them before the show so I checked them out quickly before getting to the venue. A lot of his music is fairly short but beats are pretty solid. Live he was pretty good and kept his set quite short, doing about 5 to 6 songs. There was another DJ before Theophilus came on which was his traveling DJ Brendan Fallis. This guy was pretty sick, obviously dropping hip hop and rap tunes but also near the end throwing in a little dubstep flavor.

How was the performance by Theophilus London?

I have to say I like this guy a lot and his opening song which I can never remember the name to got me into the mood right off the gun. Big Spender is a pretty dope tune as well and would have been dope if A$AP Rocky made a live appearance. They got pretty hype for this song and his guitar players jumped into the crowd started rocking hard with the crowd. Unexpected but Theophilus jumped into the crowd and did a little crowd surfing himself. This was pretty jokes because I don’t think the crowd was ready but they did keep him up but he started chirping when he got back on stage.

That being said I was a little disappointed. The music was great and the vibe was great except there seemed to be a lot of technical difficulties. I have no idea what the issue was but Theophilus basically stopped singing, told his DJ to stop and told the guitarist to stop as well. I was quite rattled and it was apparent that he was as well. I thought he would be a little more professional about it but I’m no musician so I don’t know anything.

I would give the show a 6 out of 10. I would have probably rated this higher but after all the technical difficulties it was hard to get back into it.

Check out  Theophilus London’s and ASAP Rocky’s- Big Spender below:

Review by: Adam Bosley