Let’s be honest with ourselves here, it’s near impossible to hate Wintersleep.

If that statement doesn’t ring true for you then you haven’t seen them live.

The first time I saw them play was in a crowded room in bar downtown Hamilton- the sound wasn’t the greatest but it didn’t dampen my love for the band. This time around, however, effortlessly blew their last performance out of the water.

Paul Murphy has the voice of angels- dreamy, throaty angels. What the fuck does “throaty” mean? I don’t know I think I just made it up but that’s how his voice sounds. The new album (which they played a reasonable amount of) is absolutely spectacular. A lot of those songs I was hearing live for the first time and I loved what I heard. (Side note: Turns out Ho Hum may be my favourite album release this month.)

The thing about a live Wintersleep performance is that it’s like a full-fledged jam. Powerful instrumental extensions take the show to a whole new level – “Laser Beams” was of particular note. The band isn’t much for chatter (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) so there’s more time for the music. They were even kind enough to give us an encore! I’m not going to sit here and tell you the set list, that’s just pointless. What I will do is give you a few songs to crank wherever you find yourself with speakers. You’re going to listen to them and you’re going to crave more. The only place to get more is at a show.

So I suggest you get your shit together and check out Wintersleep live- – they’re playing this Saturday at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival AND IT’S FREE. Check out the photos from the show here

Photos & Review by: Marie Rupolo