Founded in 2011, Beyond The Watch is an independent music media company. Over the past decade we’ve evolved from a traditional music news site to becoming Toronto’s go-to resource for concert photos, reviews, and tips from music photographer Steve St. Jean.

Beyond The Watch? What the EFF?

Wondering why we're called Beyond The Watch? It's a statement that defines our addiction. We're addicted to capturing our favourite musicians and immortalizing them in a photograph forever in time.

Music has always helped us get through life and ask/answer the big questions like... what do we think life is? So why not dedicate our brand to stopping time and enjoying the music we love, long past that first tick and the deadly last toc.



The Team:

Steve St. Jean
Founder / Photographer

Karlie Hopf
Co-Founder / Writer

Sean Sirianni



Live Music Photography
Band Portraits
Event Photography
Branded Content Development
Film / Video