Photos: Time Festival 2015 @ Fort York

This years TIME Festival was my first time attending the event and it was weird. Not a bad weird, just weird. Similar to the lineup, the audience was very eclectic. From Mac DeMarco lookalikes to Freddie Gibbs’ gangsta wannabe fans. It was a mix of people that you don’t see together every day, which resulted in some extremely weird vibes.

WhenI showed up Freddie Gibbs was on stage and I was welcomed by a teen running out of the audience projectile vomiting next to me. He proceeded to laugh after as if it was one of the most fun moments in his life.

I had second thoughts about coming...

But! I wasn’t about to miss Mac DeMarco, so I continued on and photographed BADBADNOTGOOD. They had some technical difficulties, but they still sounded great and killed it after they sorted everything out.

Ariel Pink was next and a complete disaster. He walked onto stage and seemed to be drunk off his ass wearing little white short shorts that revealed his “member” the entire set. He played good, but ended early due of technical difficulties with his mic. He acted out a bit, threw his mic during a song and tried to get another one, but then walked off a half hour early. Yup… weird.

The last act I stayed for was Mac DeMarco and his performance was exceptional. I love this dude and happy to say that I’ve finally got the chance to see him. I’ve heard stories about his crazy antics on stage, but his set at TIME was a little more low key than I expected. He was more focused on the music, which wasn’t a bad thing at all. All around, a really really good show and I'm still hyped off the performance.

Overall I had a decent TIME (no pun intended), BADBADNOTGOOD were rad, Ariel Pink was amusing in a strange way and Mac DeMarco slayed. Sadly, I didn't have a chance to check out the rest of the acts (especially DIIV), but hopefully soon I'lll be seeing them all. 

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Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean