BTW's 50 Best of 2015

We spent countless hours listening to ear deafening decibels of our favourite music in 2015 and there’s no better way to close out the year then to compile our favourite albums of the year into a list.

This year was a big year for music with albums being released from some of the world’s most prolific musicians. We saw releases from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, Tyler, The Creator, Hop Along and Ought just to name a very select few. There’s too many to name in this post alone, but if you’re looking for a Christmas present to buy someone or just looking for new music from this past year, then we have it all for you here.

Read the meticulously crafted year end list of our favourite albums of 2015 above.

Words by: Steve St. Jean
Graphic Design by: The Hour is Here