Photos: Neon Indian @ Lee's Palace

Alan Palomo, the mastermind behind the American electro band Neon Indian, quietly walked on stage holding a fancy bottle of what looked like tequila, placed it underneath his keyboard, adjusted his mic, and began to dance. What followed was one of the best dance parties any fan could've asked for. More than 500 people dancing together in the sweaty, cramped, and dimly lit Lee's Palace on a mild January evening... Saturday the 31st to be exact. 

It had been four years since the last time Neon Indian performed in Toronto and it's about time they came back. Especially since they just released their fantastic third studio record VEGA INTL. Night School (which made our 50 Best of 2015 list). If you were there, be proud that you danced the night away with zero fucks given during Neon Indian's mesmerizing performance. 

Check out our concert photos from Neon Indian's set below.

Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean