Photos: July Talk at Danforth Music Hall

There’s nothing quite like returning home after a long trip and finally (after that Godforsaken jet lag has worn off) getting together for a night out with all your closest friends. And that’s exactly what happened on Friday night for Toronto’s own July Talk. The band hit the stage and the sold-out crowd at Danforth Music Hall gave them a welcome of epic proportions. 
From the first note of Summer Dress, we were all captured and singing along with every line Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay passionately belted out.  
In keeping with their familiar black and white colour scheme, the stage set consisted of the artwork for their latest record Touch (September 2016 via Sleepless Records). The piece gives off the feeling of a detailed photo but is, in fact, a painting by a good friend of the band, Charles Bierk. The backdrop was the perfect accompaniment to the constant push and pull interactions of Dreimanis and Fay.
We all left the show with our only regret being that we didn’t have tickets to Saturday night's show for the ultimate extended encore.

Check out all the photos from the night below:

July Talk Setlist:

1. Summer Dress
2. Headsick
3. Blood + Honey
4. Beck + Call
5. Gentleman
6. Jonny + Mary
7. Uninvited
8. Lola + Joseph
9. Jesus Said So
10. My Neck
11. Strange Habit
12. Picturing Love
13. Guns & Ammunition
14. Now I Know
15. I've Rationed Well
16. Push + Pull
17. Paper Girl

The Garden

Photography by: Steve St. Jean
Words by: Karlie Hopf