LG Music Flow P5

Photos by:   Steve St. Jean

Photos by: Steve St. Jean

Summer's over, fall's coming to an end, and winter is thrusting itself upon us faster than anyone can imagine. It wasn’t long ago that we were all sweating and half-clothed at our favourite outdoor music festivals. Epic summer music festivals aside, one of my favourite things about nice weather are backyard get-togethers with good friends, delicious BBQ and even better tunes. I love chillin’ in my backyard and the perfect companion for an occasion like that is a wireless sound system. 

The fine folks over at LG recently sent me their new LG Music Flow P5 and it’s been amazing! It pairs perfectly with my iPhone and sounds super good even when there’s a lot of background noise happening outside (like neighbours blowing leaves – ugh just use a rake). 

You might be wondering what I’ve been listening to lately on the LG Music Flow P5, well right now it’s all about that new Local Natives album ‘Sunlit Youth’ and Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam’s ‘I Had a Dream That you Were Mine’. The P5 isn’t true stereo sound but unless you’re a crazy audiophile, their 2 channel stereo reproduction will sound sublime and way better than your mobile phone. If you have two P5’s you can actually sync them together and get double the sound, which is a pretty sick feature too. Unlike some Bluetooth speakers the P5 has a built-in lithium-ion battery that you can charge before heading out to the park, beach, backyard, or wherever the hell you want to listen to music. 

Visit the LG homepage here for more info on this rad little Bluetooth speaker.