Photos: Dead Tired, The Dillinger Escape Plan at The Opera House

Last Friday, New Jersey's The Dillinger Escape Plan performed their final show "ever" at The Opera House in Toronto. The band shocked long-time fans with the announcement of their death when they released their new album Dissociation – an epic release and arguably their most genre-bending album to date.

I'll just throw it out there right now... This show was one of the best shows of the year hands down. If you've ever witnessed a live show from The Dillinger Escape Plan then you know how crazy it is and this was that much more crazy. No, they didn't kill anyone or smash all their instruments and toss them in the crowd, but the energy level, song choices and pure enjoyment they were having took it to another level. Oh, and did I mention that guitarist Ben Weinman dove off the speaker stacks? Followed by vocalist Greg Puciato going apeshit, jumping up the speaker stacks, hanging off the mini balcony, and then jumping off of it... something I've never seen at The Opera House before. IT WAS INSANE! Absolutely INSANE!

It sucks to see the band go, but I'm sure that it's not really the end. But if it is, this was the proper send off for long time fans and will forever go down as one of the wildest shows I've ever witnessed. Check out all my photos from the show featuring Hamilton, Ontario's Dead Tired who opened the show and of course DEP below:


Dead Tired

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean