Interview: Emilie & Ogden

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It’s 2016 and we’re changing the way we conduct interviews over here at Beyond The Watch. Actually, we made the jump from video to digital editorials last year to be exact. With cameras all around us 24/7, it’s nice to not hit record and have one-on-one conversations with artists we’re stoked on.

Welcome to our revamped interview series that we’ve now dubbed Artists Only. 

It’s not an easy task getting time in front of an artist to talk about their musical upbringings and current touring cycle. Even when you think it’s set in stone, there’s usually someone that gets in the way of it all going smoothly. From waiting hours on end to middlemen asking you "where's your pass!?", it’s a battle we continue to keep fighting to get one-on-one time with rad musicians.

Check out our conversation w/ Montréal's Emilie & Ogden above and make sure you check out her music, it's a MUST buy:

Interview by: Sean Sirianni & Steve St. Jean