Vans Celebrates 50 Years of "Off The Wall" Worldwide

There's been a lot of buzz around the city when billboards went up advertising the House of Vans in Toronto from March 16th - April 2nd, 2016. Check out the original BlogTo article that kick started a lot of internet talk here. We finally have a bit of info on what's taking place and it's actually part of Vans worldwide celebration for 50 Years of "Off The Wall". Events will be taking place in Brooklyn, SXSW and Toronto featuring artists such as Nas, Dinosaur Jr., Wu-Tang Clan, The Kills, Erykah Badu, Jamie xx, Dizzee Rascal, Yeasayer and Shlomo... we're STOKED!

So what's happening in Toronto? Here's all the details

March 16th - 50th Anniversary Part ft. Dinosaur Jr, Tommy Genesis & Jazz Cartier: RSVP HERE
March 19th - Teenager & Fake Palms: RSVP HERE
March 25th - Career Suicide, Faze & TBA: RSVP HERE
March 26th - Whip-its & Beverleys: RSVP HERE
April 2nd - Grandmaster Flash, Tommy Kruise & Bambii: RSVP HERE

In addition to these wicked live shows there will also be an Introduction to Skateboarding program as well as a Show Personalization workshop.

Honestly... how rad is this? Toronto gets another dose of House of Vans and we deserve it, our city is on fire right now.

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