News: Deftones debut new song ‘Doomed User’ on SiriusXM

Deftones continue to promote their upcoming new album Gore (in stores on April 8th, 2016) with an exclusive stream of a brand new track called Doomed User on SiriusXM. If you're as psyched as we are, you'll hit the link below right now and listen to it all day.

Listen to "Doomed User" here

Gore Tracklist:

1. “Prayers/Triangles”
2. “Acid Hologram”
3. “Doomed User”
4. “Geometric Headdress”
5. “Hearts and Wires”
6. “Pittura Infamante”
7. “Xenon”
8. “(L)MIRL”
9. “Gore”
10. “Phantom Bride”
11. “Rubicon”

Steve St. Jean

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