Photos: Vans 50th Anniversary @ House of Vans (Toronto)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s Vans 50th Anniversary this year and they are celebrating it with everyone. We initially reported that there was going to be a House of Vans in Toronto (read that post here) and it sure as hell came with a bang. 

On Wednesday night, a random warehouse on Dupont St. in Toronto was taken over with skateboarders and hip-hop lovers to see some old school Vans memorabilia and watch Tommy Genesis, Jazz Cartier and Dinosaur Jr. play live.

It was pretty sick even though Vans couldn’t get a seal the deal on a liquor license for the opening night. It felt like more than half the expected attendees bailed because of the fact, but the event was still good. Free Vitamin Water to go around, free sausages and hot dogs, vans swag and of course free concerts. 

Check out all of our photos from the night below and just an FYI… The skate park is now up and running. If you have nothing to do tonight, go hit up Lewis Cruise’s party at the park. They’ve replicated the old Venice Beach benches to skate and that’s rad. Go shred.

Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean