TBT: Ed Sheeran @ TD Echo Beach

Ed Sheeran back in 2012 was the calm before the storm. When Ed performed to a sold out show at Toronto's TD Echo Beach, the music industry was right on the cusp of a monumental change in Top 40 music. Things had already started to shift with the help from fellow brit's Mumford & Sons, but Ed Sheeran truly shook up modern music and broke the stereotypes of what was a 'radio hit'.

It wasn't until 2014 that he finally scored a #1 song with "Sing", but before then he was rising to the top of the game cranking out Top 40 hits with what felt like every release. Not to mention, he wrote the smash hit "Little Things" for One Direction that year (plus whatever else he was doing w/ Taylor Swift and others). It's refreshing to see an artist like Ed Sheeran make such an impact on the pop music scene and I'm stoked to say that I got to photograph him at this show. It was a big moment for BTW back in 2012 and still is.

Check out all my archived concert photos from his set below:

Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean