Photos: Mewithoutyou, Brand New @ Sound Academy

Last week Long Island's Brand New performed at Toronto's Sound Academy for two sold out shows with Mewithoutyou. We were at night number #1 with all the cool kids. 

The show started out with an emotional Jesse Lacey performing "Socco Amaretto Lime" with just a spotlight. Die hard fans wept. Literally...

The emotional rollercoaster continued throughout the set, but far more tears poured down the faces of fans as the band announced their death in 2018. No one is entirely sure what it means, but I would assume that they will release their highly anticipated new record, complete the appropriate touring to support it and then peace out. It's kind of annoying in my opinion. I'd rather the band just break up. They had a good run, I dig their music and it's a shame they won't be continuing (at least as of right now). Hats off to you boys in Brand New, you've done good, now get your new music out to the masses. 

Check out all our photos of Mewithoutyou and Brand New below:


Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean