TBT: Dilly Dally @ The Silver Dollar

Back in 2014 I hit up The Silver Dollar to see Vancouver's The Courtneys play. I had recently been on a trip the YVR and got the tip off about them, so I was pretty stoked that they were in the city performing. Little did I know, the opener of the show would completely blow me away and later the rest of the city.

Dilly Dally was that band, and their infectious punk rock tunes took over the city the following year when they unleashed their debut record Sore. They quickly became the most talked about band in the city and their album made it's way to almost every year-end list.

If you haven't listened to Sore, you're missing out. Stream it or spin it (whatever the hell you prefer), as soon as you get the chance. You're already late to the game.

Check out all my photos from that night back in 2014 below:

Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean