Alexisonfire Kickoff Residency at Danforth Music Hall

Hometown heroes Alexisonfire kicked off a four night residency at Danforth Music Hall on Monday night. After cancelling the short run of shows earlier in the year (due to "sickness"), fanatic screamo fans got an early Christmas present.

It'll be eight years since Dog's Blood, the last taste of new music from our beloved Alexisonfire (no one counts Death Letter). We had a massive farewell tour that saw the band hitting all ends of the earth, then a massive reunion tour (to celebrate their friendship), and now a four night residency.

Are these guys screwing with us?

How long can Alexisonfire keep tugging at our heart strings before we completely give up on them? I think it's time we get some new music or at least some sort of unreleased material. B-sides from Watch Out? Demos? Literally anything at this point would be acceptable to keep touring. They're straight up taking advantage of us at this point.

My built up aggression and anger aside, I did in fact attend the first of four shows to photograph the show and it was electric! 

George actually had a shirt on, Dallas looked like he was somewhat enjoying himself, Chris was weirder then ever (in a good way), Wade looked badass, and Jordan banged the hell out of his drums. It was amazing and I didn't doubt it would be. I'll also be at night #3 just to watch, instead of juggling taking pictures and watching at the same time. Hopefully you had a chance to or will be seeing one of these shows. Even though they keep dangling the carrot for a full reunion, they're still a killer band and the shows have been hype. 

Get a dose of night #1 by checking out all my photos above (including the opener Single Mothers) while listening to Watch out. Stay rad.

Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean
**All photos © Beyond The Watch. Do not use or reproduce w/o permission**