Photos: The Flaming Lips at Rebel

Last night, Wayne Coyne and his band The Flaming Lips returned to Toronto performing at Rebel, in support of their brand new studio album Oczy Mlody which hit stores January 13th, 2017 (via Warner).

I was lucky enough to be at the show thanks to Edge 102.1 and let me tell you... it was an experience.

Giant mushrooms stood tall around the perimeter of the ground floor, what felt like thousands of LED strip lights hung from the stage, and so much confetti was let off you could've drowned in it. This show was over the top, but oh so fitting for The Flaming Lips. The last time I saw them was way back at Riot Fest (which was my first time seeing them and a first for the big "Fuck Yeah Toronto" blow-up sign) and it wasn't nearly as fun as this time. It's a bit hard to pull off a Flaming Lips show to a festival crowd, but when done on their own terms, in a controllable environment, it's a magical experience.

Wayne Coyne was Toronto's spirit guide, leading us through his imagination on a giant rainbow unicorn. The show was incredible and I'm pretty sure it changed me and everyone else in attendance.

Check out all my photos from the night below:

Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean