Photos: Matthew Good at Danforth Music Hall

Canadian singer-songwriter Matthew Good is currently in Toronto performing three sold-out shows at Danforth Music Hallin support of his new EP I Miss New Wave.

I had the pleasure of photographing night 1 of 3 and stayed to watch one of the best Matthew Good performances I've seen to date. The lighting, the sound, the setlist... it was all fantastic. Never in my life did I imagine Good to vanish from the stage, only to show up standing next to me in the crowd where he proceeded to order a beer and sing an entire song while leaning against the bar.

Uhhh WHAT!? 

Yes, he walked into the crowd, ordered an Ace Hill beer and decided to stay amongst the fans as hundreds of people in attendance flocked to the east bar in hopes of taking a selfie with Good while he was singing. It was an incredible moment. He then went on to rant about how shitty the beer was (sorry Ace Hill) and let the fans know that he checks Instagram every other day to see how terrible he looks, which had fans erupt with laughter. 

If you're a Matthew Good fan, nothing in the world was better. But then again, maybe you're at night #2 or #3... I can imagine the next two shows will be just as memorable as the first. But in case you somehow missed it, get up to speed on all the goods (see what I did there?) with my photos below. It's a slick set. 

Matthew Good – I Miss New Wave Tour Setlist:

1. Giant
2. Hello Time Bomb
3. Strange Days
4. I Miss New Wave
5. Load Me Up
6. Failing the Rorschach Test
7. Suburbia
8. Let's Get It On
9. Jenni's Song
10. Going All the Way
11. A Boy and His Machine Gun
12. The Future is X-Rated
13. Born to Kill
14. Running for Home


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Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean