Photos: Architects at Danforth Music Hall

Brighton metalcore band Architects have been through their share of tough times and last week that closed a dark chapter in their lives with the last show of their All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us touring cycle. The band was forced to cancel their last North American tour due to the death of their guitarist and main songwriter Tom Searle (twin brother of drummer Dan Searle).

That was some heavy stuff and it's impressive that the band has grieved in a way that we all get to still share the music that Tom wrote. The band took a moment of silence at the end of the show respect for Tom and let the fans know that their entire setlist was comprised of songs that Tom wrote. It was a passionate, intense, and memorable show. Their latest effort is one of my favourite metal albums in a long time. Tom will surely be missed and hope the guys and pull through and make another album in the future. R.I.P. Tom.

Check out all my photos from their set below:

Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean