Glassjaw performed to 200 people in Toronto and it was glorious


Glassjaw. Toronto. Jasper Dandy?

You may need a minute to let that sink in if you’re a long time Glassjaw fan like myself. Chances are you’ve spent years listening to classic albums like Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence (2000) or Worship And Tribute (2002) and wishing that these guys would tour through Toronto again (or anywhere close).

Maybe you didn’t, but I know I sure as hell have been.

They're a band that has a lot of mystique surrounding them and have always been kings of the post-hardcore scene. They do not tour often. So when I read the headlines saying that not only were Alexisonfire playing two nights at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage, but also announced Glassjaw was supporting them on Night #1… I was stoked to say the least. But my excitement levels escalated even further when the band announced an intimate club show at Jasper Dandy (occupancy of 200) would be happening the night before. The show quickly sold out and only the lucky ones got the chance to feel lead singer Daryl Palumbo’s sweat (yeah, we were that close). The night kicked off with local-ish bands Heavy Hearts from Niagara-on-the-Lake and Rarity from Hamilton. Both bands performed a solid set and fans genuinely seemed to be into their songs. Let’s be honest, it’s super hard to play to an audience of that size who are only there for one reason… Glassjaw. Given the circumstances, they killed it. In particular, I’ve been getting more and more into Rarity after discovering them (thanks to this show). They’ve been teasing new music since the new year and back in February released a brand new single “Shawinigan”. Give it a listen below and check 'em out.

Once Rarity closed out their set, their gear was quickly dismantled and Glassjaw members Justin Beck, Matt Rubano, and Chad Hasty hit the stage to set up.

Sound check complete, but wait… no Daryl.

You could feel the angst from the band not knowing where their lead singer was. Fans quickly picked up on it and let out some chants yelling “Daryl”, but it didn’t last long as he finally made his appearance from the stage door. Daryl casually strolled onto stage decked out in a leather jacket and trendy 90’s style sneakers (super fitting). He took a swig of beer and the show began. Their set had an energy to it unlike any recent shows I’ve been to. They flowed their songs together with little to no breaks in between, other than a few moments where the band paused to get themselves in check. They played all the bangers that fans wanted and smashed through their new songs with an impressive swagger and intensity.

Once again Glassjaw impressed and left me in awe, with their massive sound and perfectionism on stage. I can’t believe it all went down in such a small space.

Check out all my photos from the show below. You’ll see just how close we were to Daryl ;)

Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean
**All photos © Beyond The Watch. Do not use or reproduce w/o permission**