More than a decade in the making, Andy Shauf’s Foxwarren proved it was worth the wait at Lee’s Palace


From The Guess Who to The Weakerthans and some help from the crazy famous McMorris brothers Mark and Craig, the Canadian Prairies have proven they have the goods time and time again.

It’s latest offering is none other than Foxwarren, the Andy Shauf lead band consisting of childhood friends Dallas Bryson and brothers Darryl Kissick and Avery Kissick. The band have been playing together for more than a decade, but always remained off the grid. At the tail end 2018 and once Shauf’s successful solo career started the slow down, the spotlight finally turned to the band and they released their self-titled debut via Anti- Records.

Fast forward to last week and the band were set to perform at Lee’s Palace on Friday night, but the demand was so high they added a second date the night before, Thursday, July 11th, 2019. The venue was fitting, given that the guys in Foxwarren started out in the Kissick brothers parents basement. It’s the one venue in the city that evokes that homey, basement type feeling for me. Every time I step into the venue I feel comfortable like I’m at home and on the first of two nights that feeling hit me tenfold with the help of Foxwarren’s atmospheric folk-rock.


As soon as the band stepped out onto the stage it felt like you were being invited to a private session at that very basement they started to play together in. They were loose, comfortable, and didn’t say all that much at all. Andy sunk into the shadows at the side of the stage and began playing. After a song or two he stepped up to the mic to say hello and the response from an individual in the crowd was playful, asking him what happened to his hair being cut short and that they love his moustache.


A few more songs brush by like a calm summer night and Andy steps back up to the mic to ask “Does anyone have any questions for this band?... These guys?”. Fans asked random questions from “what’s your favourite hot sauce” to “what’s your favourite beer”. Each question Andy pushed off to guitarist Dallas Bryson until a fan screamed out “Andy what’s YOUR favourite beer?”. He chuckled and said:

“Pilsner is pretty good.”

Pretty fitting that he’s a pilsner fan given that the Prairies are also known for Saskatchewan Champagne and FUBAR, the head-banging Old Style Pilsner fiends. The little banter back and forth was about all we got from Shauf and the band. They were quiet, but their music spoke volumes.

The decade of musicianship between this band shined as they riffed off each other perfectly and played their tunes with perfection. It was a blissful night with a special band that I hope continues to release more music. I left even more of a fan than I was before and can’t wait to see them again in the future.

Foxwarren Setlist

To Be
Lost in a Dream
Your Small Town
Simple Mess
I’ll Be Alright
Lost on You
Everything Apart
In Another Life
Green Glass
Sunset Canyon
Fall Into a Dream
Give It a Chance
Encore: Jude (Andy Solo)

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Words & Photography by: Steve St. Jean
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