Sum 41 and Grandson set a new bar for hometown shows at RBC Echo Beach


Thousands of millennials swarmed RBC Echo Beach to celebrate Sum 41’s homecoming in support of their seventh studio album Order in Decline via Hopeless Records on Thursday, August 8th, 2019. 

The band had recently been touring on the Rockstar Disrupt Festival (see our coverage from that show here), but unfortunately didn’t tag along for the Toronto date. As shitty as that was at the time, it was worth the wait on Thursday night when they finally returned to play for their hometown fans. But Sum 41 weren’t the only hometown heroes hitting the stage. Singer-songwriter Jordan Edward Benjamin a.k.a. Grandson (a fellow Torontonian) kicked off the night and set the tone for what would become an insane night of music.


I’ve heard of Grandson and when listening to the radio heard his jams here and there but never really paid attention to his music.

A huge mistake on my part

Jordan’s output on stage along with the band was on another level. Their energy could be felt from the entrance of RBC Echo Beach and ignited the crowd into a frenzy from the back of the venue to the front of the stage. Fans weren’t just swaying back and forth, they were jumping, smashing, and erupting over the barricade. He commanded the fans making it an engaging, impactful, and enjoyable live show… and that was only the opener.


As the sun went down, the fans packed in even more in anticipation of the iconic Ajax rock band, Sum 41. We (the photographers) got ushered into the photo pit, I looked back and saw what seemed like a small army with beers and phones in hands awaiting their commands from their favourite (or once favourite) band. At the same time, a huge amount of family and friends were escorted onto the side of the stage for the VIP treatment they deserve at a hometown show. Once the friends and family were settled, it was time! Beers were chugged and screams roared as the band took to the stage. They immediately kicked things off with fan-favourite “The Hell Song” and got down to business. One would say their set was all killer and absolutely no fillers (see what I did there) and delivered a high energy set with nothing but banger after banger. They didn’t waste any time with fluff and commentary, they came out with an explosive bang and kept stoking the fire throughout the entire set.


They gave fans everything they wanted from “In Too Deep” to “We’re All to Blame” and even some new songs that didn’t feel flat like typical new music does from what people like to call a nostalgia band. It’s an improper term to label these guys as a nostalgia act. They had their moments and almost didn’t make it but have come back with an amazing new album and continue to push on evolving from their pop punk roots to being a true rock ‘n’ roll band. If you haven’t given their brand new release a try, you truly are missing out.

They ended their set with their classic song “Still Waiting” and came back out for an encore playing “Machine Gun” from their now almost twenty-year-old debut EP Half Hour of Power along with their best song ever (in my opinion) “Fat Lip”, accompanied by a shit ton of fireworks. 

It was a night to remember and was a clear indication that the band is at their absolute best. They’ve put themselves back on the map with Order in Decline and made their hometown fans proud.

Sum 41 Setlist

The Hell Song
Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
We’re All to Blame
Out for Blood
Walking Disaster
With Me
Underclass Hero
A Death in the Family
Goddamn I’m Dead Again
Some Say
Fake My Own Death
No Reason
We Will Rock You (Queen Cover)
In Too Deep
Still Waiting

Machine Gun
Fat Lip

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Words & Photography by: Steve St. Jean
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