News: Modest Mouse Release A Linguistic Remix Generator

You might be asking "what in the hell does the title of this post mean"? Well, we thought the same thing until we clicked on this link and found out for ourselves. 

To sum things up, you get to type a phrase into a box and based on what you type in and some intricate web coding... you remix the new Modest Mouse album (it's cool as shit so do it). Here's the official description off the site:

The "Strangers Linguistic Remix Generator" takes your input and dynamically converts it into a remix based on samples from the new record "Strangers To Ourselves". The algorithm compares common letter frequency data and generates stems and patterns to match. It also analyzes the sentiment of the text to determine the final BPM of the remix. Depending on the input, a remix can consist of up to three phrases; or more commonly put, a verse, a chorus, and a bridge. Each remix then generates a visualizer inspired by the album artwork.

Explore and enter as many or as little words and phrases as you like (up to 96 characters). Use the "Save This Phrase" feature to tweet out your text and save your remix to the Twitter Gallery.

We're excited to hear what your words will make.

Click here to create your very own remix of their new album Strangers To Ourselves (via. Epic Records on March 13th, 2015) here: