Photos: Viet Cong @ The Opera House

Calgary post-punk rockers Viet Cong brought their high gain live show to The Opera House on April 17th, 2015. The much loved Canadian boys were in town to headline yet another great Converse Rubber Tracks event.

Viet Cong killed it. Their self-titled debut record (via Flemish Eye Records) has got the music industry stoked, creating insane buzz on the Internet and straight up word of mouth that they are a MUST SEE band.

Let me tell you, they deserve all the hype surrounding them.

Their live show was gritty, experimental and raw. Their drummer Mike Wallace is still playing with only one hand (the other wrapped up under some sort of claw), which is an impressive feat that took the Internet by storm during SXSW. They closed out their set with what felt like a half hour rendition of their song “Death” that featured two members from Toronto’s Absolutely Free, banging on drums. Words cannot explain how sick that song was live, especially how drawn out they performed the track. It was like getting sucked into a black hole (if I knew what that even was like).

Go see Viet Cong. Buy their records. Love them. Until every else does and it’s not that cool anymore.

See our concert photos the opener (Role Model) here


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Words / Photography by: Steve St. Jean